LENT Day Two

Lent Day Two
March 6, 2014

See what happens when you play with anachronisms? I said “Jesus was in the desert with no cable TV” and Lo and Behold, my cable TV went out.  I had to watch House of Cards on my Kindle last night.  Talk about being in the wilderness. In the event you are interested, No, I did not go receive ashes yesterday.  I did clean the ashes out of the fireplace. I hope that counts. I saw where St. David’s offered “ashes to go” where the ministers stand on the street corner and offer ashes to those unable to make it to church.  I am not sure how this works. Does one stick one’s head out of the window as driving by?   Of course, St. David’s is Episcopalian also known as Pope Less Catholics.  Lent is kept mostly by Kneelers, but the Methodists, Lutherans and Calvinists also have their own Lenten observations.  Some are a bit more ashy than others. But the intent seems to be the same – 1. reflect because you ain’t nothing , but dust from somewhere way beyond even the MENSA dimension, 2. Commit to do something positive, and 3. Oops, I forgot what number three is.  Hey, it worked for Captain Hairspray.  Really, number three is sacrifice something in your life.

Today as every native-born Texan knows, marks the first day of the Siege of the Alamo in 1836. Remember? Thirteen days of Glory. Davy Crockett said to William B. Travis – “We’re gonna need a lot more men.” This gave General Sam Houston and everybody else the opportunity to haul ass to the Texas coast. Meanwhile General Santa Anna took his own sweet time getting to the coast, and then took an afternoon nap with Emily Morgan, The Yellow Rose of Texas and the Battle of San Jacinto became one of the most critical battles in world history. Really! World History!

Yesterday was Election Day for the party primary. I hope you voted.  And remember you voted and nobody was shooting at you when you did. Kinky Friedman is in a run off for Texas Agricultural Commission.  Why the Hell Not?  Kinky is as good as many of the others who currently hold a government office.  And Kinky has good hair too. I just hope his voters can remember to vote.

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