Please Excuse

TO:                  The Teacher

FROM:           The Principal

SUBJECT:      The Student

DATE:             September 8, 2010

Teacher, please check the DO NOT ADMIT list. Please excuse the AYUHCOO golf team for Friday, September 3. With temperatures in the low 70’s, the golf team played in the Impromptu Good Weather Golf Tournament.  The team shot 48 on nine holes, coming in first of four players. Also, the AYUHCOO golf team did Community Service at the Round Rock Express Game by being Booth Babe.

Therefore, the golf team’s second assignment regarding the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment will be due later in the week.

One response to “Please Excuse

  1. Carolyn Sue Edwards

    The DNA list was late since the secretary’s son was on the course cheering on her son who a senior on the golf team.


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