With All Due Respect

With all due respect to Elizabeth Gilbert, Julia Roberts, my friends I went with to see the movie and the millions who found comfort in the book, Eat, Pray & Love.

I got the message – the need to find yourself.  What did not come across clearly in the movie was the intense difficulty in doing so. Granted, I did not – OK could not – read the book. I tried. And not just once. I just do not read that genre of books. Part of the finding yourself process is finding the process for yourself.  I don’t want anyone to provide a process for me to try.  It is my life and therefore it must be my process.

Just because my favorite food is Mexican does not mean that I am going to live in Mexico for an extended period of time. That would be called “Eat, Shoot & Vamos.”

Mine would more likely be called Eat, Drink & Sleep as evidenced by a disappropriate number of red wine bottles in the recycle bucket compared to the number of permanent occupants. Besides I have done the eat, pray & love in less than 24 hours and much cheaper than traveling to three countries.

What I don’t get is the merchandise exploitation. Did you know the Home Shopping Network had 72 non-stop hours of EPL merchandise the day the movie opened?  I bet gay men were giddy with their American Express cards.

You could order shower gels from all three countries.  I don’t want to smell like Italian ice cream.  I really do not want to smell like any fragrance or aroma from India. In playing word association, when one says “India” I still think of Slum Dog Millionaire.

I do not want an EPL dream journal or an EPL pillow case to put it under. Nor do I want a bracelet with different colored crystals – one for each country. I am certain I do not need those items to find myself.  A good friend, a bottle of wine and time usually does the trick.  If that doesn’t work there is always therapy.

Here is one thing I did like about the book.  She got somebody else to pay for the trip while she went and found herself. That I could do.


One response to “With All Due Respect

  1. I have never NOT READ a book that I started…no matter how bad it was….UP until EAT, PRAY, LOVE.
    I tried, I tried but couldn’t finish it. As far as the movie, almost everyone I have talked to says “Forget It…Save Your Money”. One gal said she slept through it. MIGHT watch it when it comes on TV.

    Seems as though “they” are making money off it. More power to them. Julia Roberts really needs the money.


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