Correction. Make that “Welcome Back Student” since I am the only student in The As Yet Unnamed Home School of One (AYUHSOO). Based on popular demand, as opposed to unpopular demand, AYUHSOO is back in session. Like most of the schools in Texas today is our first day back to school.

To refresh your memory shortly after my retirement of 33 years of education I decided I would open my own home school. I have almost all of the necessary credentials to run a school. I have a LIFETIME Texas teaching certificate and mid-management certificate. So I can be both teacher and campus administrator.

I am G/T trained and I am Technology Applications certified and ESL certified; I have scored – We don’t call it GRADING – TAKS tests.

I have a United States Passport, a Texas driver’s license and a Texas motorcycle license. I am a life-long learner.

I realize I am, and forever will be, nine hours shy of obtaining my superintendency certificate. However, I do know some who recently received such as certificate and I am certain the necessary legal issues for consulting could be obtained should the need for a superintendent arise.

Before I continue I must provide this disclaimer: I am not currently, nor have I ever been employed by Williamson County.  It’s a little Travis county inside joke.

So where have I been and what have I done?

I was a foreign exchange student studying on the little known island off the coast of Lethargy called Hammock. I was there on a fellowship studying at The University of Boredum.

One of my classes was horticulture and gardening. However, due to circumstances beyond my control my final report was called The Dingo Ate My Baby and the Deer Ate My Hibiscus.  My $25.00, allegedly deer resistance hibiscus that had 13 blooms on it.

I studied birding and rodents that live in trees.  While I did somewhat better in combination bird and squirrel feeder course unfortunately, Urban Bambi ate this too. Next summer I plan to enroll in Urban Bambi and The B. B. Gun with a grant from PETA.

However, I did do better in the horticultural department on my next attempt.  As you can see these blooms are environmentally safe, self sustaining, and extraordinary cost effective.

These are called the Fighting Texas Aggie Daisies. This one is just called fall flowers.

My schedule for schoolthis time is: Golf; Current Events;  PE WII; Independent Study

Notice there are no times or days. The AYUHSOO is one of those uber liberal arts types schools. Classes begin when the student arrives. However check back for Day Two at the AYUHSOO when the student critiques the movie,  Eat. Pray and Love. Other activities this year include actually naming the school and the selection of a mascot. I hope you will come back for those too.  Constituent input will be needed.

5 responses to “WELCOME BACK STUDENTS!

  1. Carolyn Sue Edwards

    Yea!!! So glad to receive this ‘clever’ missive. I am so proud of your flower talents and wow that hammock looks like a job well done.


  2. I am SO glad school is back in session! I would like to propose independent study topics in Investigation of Gelatinous Beverages and their effects on Lake Aquatics; Observational Physical Education on Hallowed Ground (a.k.a. DKR); and Selecting Ideal Mid-Morning Locations for Consumption of Cocktails. I am available as a TA for any/all of these topics.


  3. Judy Drummond

    Gahsuntiecht! God bless you! Have you tried nose spray for that?
    IF YOUR HOME SCHOOL RUNS INTO FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY, I CAN WRITE YOU A GRANT IN NO TIME AT ALL…(I hate when I accidentally hit Caps Lock! I wasn’t yelling, really.) I meant to say…If you run into financial difficulty, I can’t write you a grant at all! I could, but I’m in a 12 step program for grant writers. You take 12 steps onto a cruise ship to forget you ever knew how to pronounce g-r-a-n-t! Hope you get well soon because after 9 absences, you could lose credit for the course and have to go to truancy court! It may then show up on your Criminal History Report.


  4. Welcome back – we have missed you!!!


  5. Those flowers have got to be FAKE. No one in our family has a green thumb. And Bambi would have already eaten them had they been real.

    Glad you are back. Look forward to more.

    LUV U.



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