On the Road Again

On the Road Again

Or in this case, on the blog again.  As you can see it is just a test.  We shall see how we like it.  Loosing the blog site was somewhat traumatic. Suddenly I was left with many thoughts and no venue to air them. It was like being all dressed up and no place to go.

Selecting a site is also proving to be somewhat traumatic. Like all technology selection criteria, does it do what you want it to do?  For example, Here’s What I’m Thinking is open to every person out there in cyberspace who wants to make a comment. Enjoy your freedom of speech and First Amendment rights. However, do I want to have all of those people out there reading about my family, even if they are for the most part dead and gone? Open blog? Or closed blog?  Public or private?

And then there is the ease of use, user friendly criteria.  I tried one blogging site and never found it again on the Internet.  The major criteria centered around joining the blog site.  While these hosting sites offered the necessary privacy, readers had to join in order to read.  People do not want to join.  They want to read.

So after much debate I chose blogger.com. This was actually the first blog site I had years ago called Aunt Rose’s Wardrobe.  I thought this was “the one.” However, when I tried to post with links, the site wanted me to “correct the various HTML errors.” I do not want to get with the program.  At least not programming HTML – although I have been known to do so.  I just want to Pitch and Post.

So here we are at this site. Hwit.wordpress.com. That should be easy to remember. H  is for Here’s. W is for What. I is for I’m and T is for thinking. And we are pressing the words.  Get it?

So tell your friend and especially tell your enemies that Here’s What I’m Thinking is up and running. Enjoy.

6 responses to “On the Road Again

  1. When Hydrogen U played Oxygen Tech, the game had just begun

    And Hydrogen ran up two quick scores, and Oxygen still had none

    Then Oxygen scored a single time, and thus it did remain

    Hydrogen two, and Oxygen one — called because of rain.


  2. Hi I’m here as well


  3. Did y’all have to join as members of wordpress to read/comment?


  4. Looking forward to the future blog.

    It was good to see you Sunday.



  5. Well, I did FINALLY get into HWIT but the Ancestors says “page not found”. Can you sue those people that you used to have for blogs for closing!



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