September 6, 2021 – Happy Labor Day

September 6, 2021 – Happy Labor Day

It’s My Week 1 Monday after College Football Awards Presentations

Our first award and the first of the season is the Poopy Undies Award.  Poopy Undies Awards go to teams and their fans for being frightened of losing – Especially if the team is supposed to win big. May I have the football, please? The winner is Ooooooklahoma, where the Wave almost all swept across the plains. That was not a great debutant debut for you, OU, for the SEC. OU 45- Tulane 35.

Coming in at Number 2 in the Poopy Undies is Notre Dame.  Obviously, all that glitters is not gold, but it was close.

Notre Dame 41 Florida State 38 in OT.

I will give a Shart Out Award to Texas A&M for trailing Kent State by only touchdown at half-time.   

 The next category is Yowzer WOWzer Contender Award. It goes to the teams that look like January Contenders in Week One.  There is a tie for First Place. First Place Footballs go to Alabama and Georgia. Both teams showed Greatest Flashes.

Alabama 44 – Miami 13

Georgia 10 – Clemson 3

Speaking of Flashes (Get it??) The Third Place Football goes to Texas A&M. There were some Contender Flashes. The King is not yet crowned, but I didn’t see anything that Jimbo can’t fix.  Aggies 41 – Kent State Golden Flashes – 10.

The Great Comeback Award is awarded to teams that come from behind. This award goes to the Bulldogs of Mississippi State to score 35 points in the second half for the biggest comeback in school history.

Also receiving The Great Comeback Award are The Guns Up! Tortilla School. The Red Raiders of Wreck ‘Em Tech came from behind to beat the University of Houston 38-21. It is nice that you continue and get these rivalries started for whatever your new conference is called.

The Faded Rose Bowl Performance Award goes to LSU. LSU 27 UCLA 38. Why are you Tigers even out there? It is the Pacific Ocean, not Bayou Pacific.

THE University of Texas beat Louisiana 38 to 18. You do realize that Louisiana is not LSU?

The Last Award is the Why There Needs to be More Female Architects.

The Uterus of Texas!

5 responses to “September 6, 2021 – Happy Labor Day

  1. Good analysis! Pray for Orgeron and Tigers

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  2. Really? The Uterus of Texas ? 🤡 Haynes is not crowned King of Texas A & M? 👑 Lobos rule! Just ask Bobbi! Pacific Ocean, not Bayou Pacific OMGoodness! 🦟🐊 Tortilla School? 🫓🌯🌮 Oh my! I hope Haley goes there and pledges AXO!

    I enjoyed your Labor Day post! Thank you for the smiles. Kathy

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  3. Barbara Jean Hawkins

    Love this Delia! It’s the first game of the season and all the teams need to clean up and get better each week. LSU has a whole lot of work to get done or this could be Coach O’s last season. Your last award had me laughing out loud!


  4. Correctamondo on the MSU award. We’d stopped watching, which undoubtedly contributed to the miraculous comeback.


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