Tuesday, January 21, 2015 – Check for Understanding

Tuesday, January 21, 2015 – Check for Understanding

Today, I am channeling in Saint Madeline Hunter, Patron Saint of Education, Goddess of The Public School Lesson Plan and my inner Molly Ivins.

Dr. Hunter “As information is delivered to the students, it is necessary to stop and check for understanding. This should be done periodically throughout the presentation of the lesson. This ensures everyone understands the concept or idea being presented.  The method to check for understanding is to ask “Are there any questions?” Wait eight seconds and if there are no questions move on to the next concept or building block toward the objective. If questions arise, reassess and reteach the concept.”

Following that model, let’s see what Ms. Ivins might have said as we check for understanding about yesterday’s inaugural festivities on the Texas capitol grounds. More specifically – the luncheon on the South grounds.

REALLY?  Who was on the planning committee for this function? Did students from an inner city, historically Black school really serve barbeque on the capitol grounds? Meanwhile, was it true that over 200 servers served 10,000 people? What was the percentage of Hispanics serving food? How were they able to immigrate here? How did you know their citizenship status? Did you have any barefoot and pregnant women or girls do something? This was damn near reminiscent of a movie set in 1954 where Ashley Wilkes or some other Big Daddy Plantation type holds a picnic in the front yard.

Aren’t these the type of students you are trying to exclude through the voucher system of education? And yet they were placed stereotypical roles from over sixty years ago?  REALLY? This is progress?

I am so confused.

God Bless Texas and God Bless Education in Texas!

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  1. In “f-in” believable!

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