The As Yet Unnamed Home School of One is Back in Session

The As Yet Unnamed Home School of One is Back in Session

The As Yet Unnamed Home School of One is back in session this week.  Like many home schools much of our curriculum is community oriented and with real world outcomes.  Oops, sorry that sound way too much like out-come-based learning which is part of the State Board of Education’s  anti federal government plan.

On Monday, the AYUHSOO Golf team participated in the First of Greater Austin Golf Tournament at Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop.  Not only was a significant amount of money raised for the First Tee, take a look at who I caddied for.

Many of you recognize the former Lady Longhorn basketball coach, Jody Conradt.  She is a delightful person and pretty darn good golfer.

At the same event I had a photo snapped with former University of Texas All American  baseball player, Huston Street. He is currently with the Colorado Rockies as closing pitcher.

He served as Honorary Chair of the Event and is just a hottie.

On Tuesday, I had to recoup. I don’t remember Wednesday, but Thursday was Veterans Day.  I hope you took notice.  By then it was Friday and I was so anxious about Saturday I could not sit still.  Besides it is difficult to coordinate a maroon and white and green and gold ensemble.

On Saturday night I saw two great teams compete. Baylor and Texas A&M.  Usually, these two teams hold up the cellar of the Big 12, but things are different this year and these are two teams to watch in future. Baylor won the first half and Texas A&M won the second half.  Unfortunately, that is the half that counts. Big Aggie Whoop!

The next day it was back to Austin and time for the Home School to begin again.  So let’s begin with a little warm up essay about the trip home.

I am not certain why Central Texas needs a Formula One Race track.  I mean there is a perfectly good and even more exciting race track in existence.  It is called Interstate 35. Yesterday as I drove back from Waco I experienced being an integral part of my own personal video game of Donkey Kong. SUVs of every make, model, color and year were racing in and out among the 18 wheelers. There were barricades to the left creating a two- lane race track with no shoulders to the right. Trucks of every size and capacity hauled trailers carrying animals or yard equipment or other large items in a wheeled trailer dragging behind their vehicle. I enjoy playing the Get Your Wheels Out of My Lane game.

I especially liked the trailer being pulled behind a vintage car. Both seemed to have been pulled around since Reagan was President. And did I mention the eight motorcyclists on crotch rockets whizzing past at speeds greater than 100 mph? I know this because of my speed.

I was glad to exit to the toll road to slow down to 70 mph.  But here’s what I’m thinking. Why do we need another race track? How about instead some yard chairs, a few food trailers and several porta potties placed periodically along I-35. Maybe some bleachers at a few selected intersections and entry ramps? I am certain the 500 yard entry ramps can cause some spectacular results as cars try to merge into traffic bearing down at 85 mph. I can hit a golf ball farther than some of the entry ramps.

Oh well, what do I know? Maybe we do need a fancy race track and not the trees. Maybe we do need to pave the countryside and pollute the air.

Nevertheless, sit back and catch up with the ASYHSOO this week starting with Happy Days. Tuesday, watch for a Professional Development design for the new United States Congressmen, and on Wednesday, the school will practice its assessment by writing a paragraph on How the Aggies Can Win the Big 12 South. And late in the week new, important information will be posted regarding the Request for the Names of the school and mascot.

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