Happy Days Are Here Again

Happy Days Are Here Again



Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let’s sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again


Ah, the Franklin Roosevelt campaign song.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt the first Socialist president of the United States. FDR and the New Deal.  FDR – Democrat, creator of Social Security. Lyndon B. Johnson – Democrat, creator of Medicare. You Tea Partiers like those benefits don’t you? You are OK with that from the big, nasty, federal government, aren’t you?

I am singing today because I am filing for my social security benefits. Yes, I know those of you out there are thinking, why she certainly is not old enough to file. This will be my second retirement government check. So I am quite content to do nothing except keep you mildly entertained.

Why am I filing at the first age eligible opportunity?

1. In the event that King Richard of Hairspray convinces the people “that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and is illegal in this country”; (Read his book)

2. The Big Government King Richard refers to actually raises the retirement age to ten years from now; and/or

3. The money runs out.

Whichever of these come first or collide, I am taking the money and running now. See ya!






One response to “Happy Days Are Here Again

  1. Carolyn Sue Edwards

    Surely, (yes I know you are not Shirley)you are not expcecting enough to even pay your medicare WHEN you turn 661/3 or what ever day–maybe still 65!!! After Windfall Profit and whatever the other ‘escape’ clause is SS will pay you abouta quarter of what you would get had you not worked as a teacher and/state TEA employee. Remember when Conroe had us paying TRS and SS. I figure that if I live to about 125 I will get back what I paid in. Oh yes this is still a standing ‘piss me off’ topic.


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