There’s An App For That

There’s An App For That

With the Congressional elections only days away here’s what I’m thinking about the Republican Candidate from Delaware running for a United States Senate seat.

Last Tuesday, October, 19, Christine O’Donnell boo-booed badly in a debate with her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons. It seems the Republican candidate asked as a retort “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” Then adding further insult to the proverbial injury, she continued with “You mean to tell me that it’s in the First Amendment?”

Yes, Christine, there is a First Amendment.  Perhaps you just go with the witchcraft thing. I mean what says Founding Fathers’ Fundamentalism more that New England witchcraft? Besides being able to caste a few spells in Congress might be beneficial. Also, you’ve got that Stephen King, killer car with a mind of its own namesake – Christine.

But Chrissy, not having a fundamental knowledge of the United States Constitution does not look good on your video resume. Just so you will know ITunes has an app for all of the important historical documents.  A quick download to your phone or pod will do you wonders.  Of course you will have to read it and more importantly you will have to understand it.

The Vanderbilt First Amendment Center noted that most Americans cannot tell you the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.  Can you? Do not scroll to the bottom where the answers are until you finish reading.

Same Center also reported the 50% of the American people believe the U. S. Constitutions establishes a Christian nation.  I guess the other 50% of us actually have an app and an understanding.

Another suggestion for you.  You might want to brush up on some of the more famous, legal changing Supreme Court cases.  Abortion? Gays? Gays in the Military? Immigration? Illegal Aliens from Planet Kooky? Anything? You came up with nothing? There’s an app for that.

Last, but obvious not least, Ms. O’Donnell, Delaware was the first state to ratify the U. S. Constitution in 1787. There’s an app for that too.

Good luck on Tuesday to you and all of the others.  Remember God protects fools, drunks and the United States of America.  Vote Early. Vote Often.


Freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and right to petition the government.





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